BeamNG Drive Alpha Bruckell DerbyHawk Complete Overhaul Crash Testing #42 HD

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Insanegaz says:

New BeamNG video for you guys :)
I will try Hunt down some new music this week I will probably have to pay
for most of it :p, Any help on finding some would be great it has to have
CC licence, be able to edit the music, Can be used more than once, Can be
used for commercial use. 

gtaclevelandcity says:

whats with the fucking box

Griven Akimov says:

I love this exhaust! @_@

João Pedro Silva says:

what map is this?

John Lankow says:

Where did you buy this game ¿

Oliver Ternström says:


Adrian Jari says:

its very cool isane 

KingCat LXIX says:

See if any of ‘The XX’ music will work. Favourite and most appropriate for
this stuff is ‘The XX – Intro’ or ‘The XX – islands’ mostly soundtrack no

Mn9oryGold says:

yesss, a beamng video :):)

KiwiCraftGaming says:

Is that the same car as the black one in the carnage HD vid?

BliTxXeN Cya says:

If the cars melt like this then Derby matches duration will be 10 seconds.

David Andersson says:


KiwiCraftGaming says:

First viewer comment!

smi7zy935 says:

how much dose this awesome game cost?

aLi ReiS says:

I love you Insanegaz <3

Mike Yazigi says:

3:31 in the background a ghost is screaming in the stone

Tj Charrier says:

The properties of the rock should have been indestructible… Cooler
crashes in my opinion. But cool

GamerXx|skill100 says:

why all the cars have the same engine sound?

Rusty Shackleford says:

35 is my Real life racing number . cooool !

wipf1000 says:

0:00 looks like a stone… 0:35 nope looks like paper :P

Corey Fred says:

I don’t know if this is CC licence but Let The Sparks Fly- Thousand Foot

XTheSn!peR750X says:


Donix SVK says:

my grandmother said OMG its crazy :D

Mod Mark says:

I really would love to play BeamNG, but my wooden computer is so shitty
that it cant run the program properly even when im on the lowest possible

Muhammad Afiq says:

Go to royal free music

TheAirSofter says:

Does the front grills take in some of the impact 

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